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Lee & Sons Sheepskin Pipe Bag - Custom Made to Order

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From the famous Lee and Sons, based in BC, Canada I am delighted to offer the Lee & Sons Sheepskin Pipe Bag, as played by Simon Fraser University Pipe Band.

Sheepskin is often regarded as the “best” hide for many players. When a sheepskin pipe bags is at its best it is hard to beat for tone, richness, resonance and harmonics. There is a little extra magic in the sound when sheepskin is being played and serious pipers and top pipe bands know this.

But the trade-off is that it requires more maintenance than other bags. Most grade 1 pipe bands play sheepskin because to them the extra bit of work is well worth it to get the special sound.

There are a variety of sizes , including a "Jack Lee" cut which is between Small and Medium and the bag can come with zipper and grommets attached for easier internal bag access and tying in, or just with zipper, just with grommets or totally plain (I recommend totally plain for the optimum sound!)

Please specify from the options or feel free to email with an enquiry. 

A sheepskin bag is a major investment and there are many sizes and cuts available. Ask me and we can discuss the best one for your needs then get it made to order for you!

Here is a video of SFU playing the medley that won the Saturday event at the Worlds in 2019.