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Canmore Zip Bag

Canmore Zip Bag

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Made in Scotland and suitable for all Highland Bagpipes.  A great affordable, entry level bag for you, or for your band to have as spare in case of emergencies!

Played by top players such as Stuart Liddell, Cameron Drummond, Fred Morrison, Colin MacLellan, Dougie Murray and Angus MacColl

The features offered by the CANMORE® pipe bag include:
  • Maintenance free - a naturally supple product that requires no seasoning
  • Specially developed GORE-TEX® fabric
  • Pick up and play anytime
  • Ease of assembly
  • Longer bag life
  • More hygienic
Before leaving the factory every CANMORE® pipe bag is tested according to strict quality control criteria. Properly looked after, your CANMORE® pipe bag will give playing pleasure for years.
**Contact me in regard to Special size and Large bag options**
The bag is supplied with the following:
4 collars and fitted with a TIZIP allowing access to fit the drone stocks and if you wish to fit any moisture control systems. Chanter stock Metal O Ring and bonding tape for the stocks.
Available in Small, Extended Small, Medium, Extended Medium or Large
Small : Depth 9.5"  x Length 26.25"
Extended Small: Depth 9.5"  x Length 27.25"
Medium: Depth 10.25"  x Length 27.25"
Extended Medium: Depth 10.25"  x Length 28.25"
Large: Depth 11" x Length 28.25
Also included is a Simple Water Trap, plus 2 year guarantee* and fitting instructions card.
Note: Colour indicator gels used in some moisture control systems will void the guarantee. Ext Medium / Large can be ordered in