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Chanter Mate - **Excellent New Product**

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How many times have you chipped your favourite reed when putting your chanter back on?

It’s a frustrating thing to do, to lose the time that you’ve invested in finding and tuning that perfect reed; all that effort to get it just right, lost.  With the Chanter Mate®, you needn’t worry, it will give you a steady hand and help you guide that precious reed straight into the stock without incident! 

Perfect for Beginners, the Chanter Mate® is the perfect and simple tool to guide your chanter into the stock. Using this easy technique, you will effortlessly and safely, be able to protect your reeds from damage! 

Reduce Shaking

The polished finish allows the chanter to rest and glide smoothly into the stock, reducing shaking instantly! No more worries about game day nerves, before you even get started!

Quality Material

The Chanter Mate® is the work of Australian Industrial Designers with expertise in this field. It is a quality product, manufactured to high tolerances in tough material, it is built to last and is designed to offer pipers a real-world benefit. The Chanter Mate® will protect your reeds for years to come!