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David Naill - Brass Mounted African Blackwood Smallpipes

David Naill - Brass Mounted African Blackwood Smallpipes

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This model mounted in brass is elegant in its simplicity. These smallpipes come in either plain or hand engraved brass and are made with the highest quality African Blackwood and kept for four years so to ensure stability.

The overall design of the model is attractive even without elaborate decoration. The wood and brass compliment each other nicely, giving a look that's time-honored and traditional.

They can be made mouth blown or with bellows, and in the key of A or D to suit different types of music and instrumental line-ups. The volume is ideal for inside settings, and they are well-suited to playing together in small harmony groups or solo.

All instruments come with Ezeedrone reeds, a zip bag and velvet cover.

See here for the Engraving options and advise on purchase your requirement.

*Allow 6 to 8 weeks for manufacture*

Model Features:

  • Brass Ferrules
  • Brass Ring Caps
  • Fully Combed and Beaded African Blackwood
  • African Blackwood  tuning slides
  • African Blackwood mounts