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David Naill Vintage - DNV1 Bagpipes

David Naill Vintage - DNV1 Bagpipes

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Part of the "new" Vintage range from David Naill. 

Flat, non-beaded ferrules and ring caps and smaller projecting mounts contribute to the antique look.


Fully combed and beaded African with hand-rubbed oil finish

Small vintage sized aged imitation ivory projecting mounts

 Aged imitation ivory projecting mounts

Beadless Nickel ferrules & ring caps

 Narrower profile - when compared to the standard Naill pipe

 Subtle changes to the bass bore giving a more powerful sound

Price Includes:

Sticks and Stocks

Polypenco Pipe Chanter

Choice of Canmore regular zipper or hidebag

David Naill Velvet or Cord Cover & Silk Cords

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