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Kinnaird Edge Drone Reeds

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Kinnaird Edge Drone Reeds 

Featuring a key adjustment to bend the tongues slightly, Edge reeds allow very fine adjustments to air efficiency, without any change in bridle position. 

Since bridle position affects pitch to some degree, the result is a reed with highly customizable strength and consistent pitch for easier tuning on the pins.

Edge reeds produce the full, vibrant sound associated with the Kinnaird range.

The carbon fiber tongues create lots of volume, and the materials are all durable and moisture resistant.

Features of Kinnaird Edge Drone Reeds:

  • Fiberglass body
  • Molded carbon fiber tongues
  • Rubber o-ring bridle
  • Tapered nose cone
  • Allen key for tongue (strength) adjustment
  • Allen key for pitch adjustment

I can attest to the fact that these drones are absolutely booming!